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  • ​The best time to collect your Social Security benefits to maximize them
  • ​New tax savings opportunities on your IRA or 401(k) as a result of recent tax law changes
  • ​Why the current economic outcome may be entirely predictable and where we may go from here
  • ​How the current Federal Reserve policy of massive currency creation threatens your retirement and what you should consider doing about it
  • ​A new planning tool designed for the current economy that can help aspiring retirees achieve their dreams of a comfortable, stress-free retirement

Why This Class Is Important Now…

We are living in a time that, from a historical perspective, is truly unprecedented. Here are some facts to offer some perspective:

  • ​After the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008, the Federal Reserve began a temporary, emergency policy of quantitative easing or creating new currency from thin air. Now, more than a decade later, that temporary emergency measure has continued.
  • ​In 1971, then President Richard Nixon announced that the link between the US Dollar and gold would be temporarily suspended. That suspension became permanent, allowing for unlimited currency creation.
  • ​Massive currency creation leads to artificial markets. That means the traditional investments held in an IRA or 401(k) may also be artificial and may be about to fail those who use them.
  • ​Stocks, using Warren Buffet’s favorite valuation indicator, have never been more overvalued. The obvious conclusion is that massive currency creation has led to a stock market that may be ripe for a massive correction.
  • ​Real estate values, as measured by the Case-Shiller housing index, are also severely overvalued. Residential real estate prices are nearly 30% more than at the time of the financial crisis.

The “New Retirement Rules™” course will show you a strategy designed especially for today’s artificial economy and financial markets.

It is a comprehensive deep dive into retirement planning taught through the lens of today’s different and difficult environment .

Who Should Consider Attending the “New Retirement Rules”™ Class

If you aspire to a comfortable, secure, stress-free, tax-advantaged retirement, you should attend the “New Retirement Rules™” class. If you are already retired and are concerned about the direction of the current economy and financial markets, you should attend the “New Retirement Rules™” class. If you hope to maximize your financial opportunities in the new economy, you should attend the “New Retirement Rules™” class.

The “New Retirement Rules™” class has been specially designed to address the unique financial concerns of those between the ages of 55 and 70.

Whether you are a self-employed businessperson, a highly-compensated professional or an employee of a private corporation or government agency, the “New Retirement Rules™” class has been constructed to offer you concise, to-the-point information to help you successfully plan for your financial future in the current economic environment.

“In times of change, learners inherit the earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”

— Eric Hoffer

Class Outline

Is the Coming Economic Outcome Completely Predictable?

What has historically followed the currency creation and inflation currently occurring and what to consider doing now to protect yourself.

Three other times in US history currency creation occurred; the outcome was the same each time.

Does massive change create massive planning opportunities?

Planning Strategies for the Current Economy

  • ​Strategies to consider to help maintain purchasing power
  • ​Strategies to consider to protect yourself from and then take advantage of a big market correction
  • ​A new planning tool for the new economy

Social Security Collection Strategies

  • ​Can you maximize your Social Security benefits and collect an additional $5,000, $10,000 or even $12,000 per year in Social Security benefits?
  • ​A quickly fading Social Security maximization strategy.
  • ​Can you increase the benefits you receive from Social Security by 24% to 32% annually?

Tax Advantaged Income Strategies After Recent Law Changes

Income tax rates are set to increase in 2026 – can you take advantage of lower rates now?

Two major law changes in 2020 – the SECURE Act and the CARES Act may have created tax advantaged income opportunities for many aspiring retirees.

IRA and 401(k) Tax Management Strategies

If you think future income tax rates will be higher than today, you may want to seriously consider these IRA and 401(k) tax management strategies.

Recent IRA and 401(k) rule changes relating to required minimum distributions and inherited IRA’s.
Can you utilize IRA tax minimization strategies that will reduce the level of taxes you pay on Social Security benefits during retirement?

Is it possible to save tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes on your IRA or 401(k) over your lifetime under the new laws?

Estate Planning and Asset Protection Strategies

  • ​Can you protect your assets from a potential long-term nursing care expense without a traditional insurance policy?
  • ​Roth alternative strategies.
  • ​IRA inheritance strategies.
  • ​Planning for incapacity.

Investing for and in Retirement

  • ​Mutual funds
  • ​Exchange traded funds
  • ​Portfolio strategies for the current economy
  • ​Risk management strategies
  • ​Drawdown defined and why you should care
  • ​Do you know the fees you are presently paying to have your investment assets managed?
  • ​Do you know the difference between money and currency?

 Course Modules

  • ​Predictable Outcomes
  • ​Planning Strategies for the Current Economy
  • ​Social Security Collection Strategies
  • ​Tax Advantaged Income Strategies after Recent Law Changes
  • ​IRA and 401(k) Tax Management Strategies
  • ​Estate Planning and Asset Protection Strategies
  • ​Investing for Retirement

Module One: Predictable Outcomes

Remember what your history teacher said?

“Those who don’t study history are doomed
to repeat it.”

One of the most important topics covered in this course is the predictability of where we are headed economically and in the financial markets.

This course will show you three different times in US history when currency was created in response to debt excesses. You will discover how the outcome was the same each time.

Thomas Jefferson, one of our nation’s founding fathers had this to say on the topic, “if the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the very continent their fathers conquered.”
During the “New Retirement Rules™ class, we will examine this predictable pattern Mr. Jefferson warned us about.

You may be quite surprised at how predictable the economic outcome from this point may actually be.

Armed with this information, don’t you think planning for retirement will be a higher probability exercise?

Module Two: Planning Strategies for the Current Economy

Given the massive levels of new currency that has been created and the outcomes that will likely follow, it’s important to put together a retirement plan that may allow you to survive and prosper in the years ahead in light of your retirement planning goals.

If your retirement planning goals aren’t concrete, perhaps you don’t know how much income you will need during retirement, you are in the majority. The “New Retirement Rules™” course will help you sort through any questions or concerns relating to your retirement questions.

Class attendees get access to a tool that will model their retirement income options for them including income from investment assets taking into account planned major purchases like vacation or seasonal homes, RV’s or other major expenses some retirees incur.

Module Three: Social Security Collection Strategies

Depending on your individual situation, there are hundreds, even thousands of ways to collect Social Security.

So, when should you or you and your spouse collect your Social Security benefits?
Attending this class will help you answer that question definitively. Class attendees will receive access to a tool that will model the various Social Security collection strategies for their personal situation to help them determine the best way for them to draw their Social Security benefits.

If you are married, you will discover if using a spousal benefit is possible in your situation. If you are divorced and were married at least ten years, this same strategy may be available for you to use.

During the class, you will discover how Social Security benefits are taxed as well as strategies to consider that may reduce the level of your Social Security benefits subject to tax.

You will also discover strategies that may help
you maximize your survivor benefits from
Social Security.

Module Four: Tax Advantaged Income Strategies After Recent Law Changes

When doing retirement income planning, it’s important to consider your income needs in terms of net income rather than gross income. As the old saying goes, it’s not what you make that counts, it is what you keep that matters.

If you are of the opinion that future income tax rates may be higher than current income tax rates, attending the “New Retirement Rules™” class may be the most timely educational event that you could attend.

The “New Retirement Rules” class will provide class attendees with tax advantaged income strategies to consider utilizing in their personal financial situations as they decide on their retirement income plan.

The recently passed SECURE Act and CARES Act contain provisions that change tax rules for some retirees. During the “New Retirement Rules™” class, attendees will learn of these changes as well as the tax advantaged income planning opportunities that these changes make possible for some retirees and soon-to-be retirees.

Module Five: IRA and 401(k) Tax Management Strategies

When it comes to the unpaid tax liability on your IRA and 401(k) accounts the question is not “if” you will pay the taxes due, the question is “when” you will choose to pay the taxes.

During the “New Retirement Rules” class, attendees will discover different ways to manage the unpaid tax liability on their IRA or 401(k). In many cases, with proper planning, it is possible for a retiree to have a 100% tax free retirement due to recent law changes.

A seldom-discussed benefit of assembling an IRA or 401(k) tax management plan is the favorable impact that an efficient IRA tax management plan can have on other income sources including Social Security income.

Up to 85% of Social Security income can be subject to tax depending on other income levels.

During the “New Retirement Rules™” class, participants will discover planning strategies that may reduce the total tax paid on their IRA accounts as well as taxes paid on Social Security benefits.

Module Six: Estate Planning and Asset Protection Strategies

In this module, class attendees will discover asset protection strategies to protect assets from a potential long term care expense without using a traditional insurance policy.

Estate planning is a moving target given constantly changing laws, rules and regulations. During the “New Retirement Rules™” class, attendees will discover the issues that they should consider addressing.

Module Seven: Investing For and In Retirement

In this class module, the most comprehensive of the seven modules that comprise the course, participants will discover allocation strategies for the current inflationary and coming deflationary environment.

Traditional investment strategies may fail investors moving ahead as we move from an inflationary to deflationary environment in the future. Deflationary environments typically see stock values and real estate values decline.

During the class, participants will be exposed to strategies to protect from an inflationary and deflationary investment climate.
Class attendees will also discover how to determine historical drawdown risk on their existing investments. Drawdown is an important statistic to understand. For every percentage decline in the value of a portfolio, a subsequent gain that is greater on a percentage basis is required to get back to a ‘break even’ status.

For example, a 50% decline in a portfolio requires a 100% gain to get back to a ‘break even’ status.

In addition to examining drawdown risk from a historical perspective, class attendees will discover how to determine the current level of fees they are paying in their investments since many investors overpay on internal fees.

What You Get When You Register

The “New Retirement Rules™” class is informative and entertaining. When you participate in the class, you will receive a textbook and a series of essential reports.

These reports include:

  • ​A Social Security maximization report that will provide you with customized Social Security collection options.
  • ​A fee and drawdown analysis report. This report will show you the historical drawdown risk in your portfolio as well as confirm the current level of internal fees you are paying in your investments.
  • ​An IRA and 401(k) tax analysis. This report will show you potential tax savings strategies to consider for your IRA and 401(k) holdings.
  • ​A New Retirement Rules™ income sourcing map. This report will illustrate retirement income options and sources for you.
  • ​A New Retirement Rules™ allocation map that will show you where to allocation options.

These reports are developed interactively during the class. You will NEVER be asked to share any personal information with the class instructor.

At the conclusion of the class, attendees will have a comprehensive retirement plan.

The class instructor is the current President and Founder of Alpert Retirement Advising, Josh Alpert. With over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, he has developed a specialized method of planning for retirement that allows clients to feel confident that they are prepared for retirement. 

Given his expertise, Mr. Alpert has
appeared in Forbes, Newsday, the Huffington Post, the Chicago Tribune, U.S. News & World Report, as well as many other media outlets. With over 1,000 clients served throughout his career, Mr. Alpert truly understands what is needed to plan for a stress-free retirement.

The “New Retirement Rules™” class is a comprehensive class that is educational only. There will be no offer to purchase any financial products during the class.

At the conclusion of the class, should you have additional questions relating to your own individual financial situation, at your option, you can have a complimentary 1-hour consultation with Mr. Alpert scheduled at a mutually convenient time.
This consultation is NOT obligatory, it is optional.


What's Included:

  • ​Attend with a Spouse, a Partner or One Other Guest
  • ​Workbook and All Five Essential Reports (Valued at $1439)
  • ​An Optional 1-Hour, One-on-One Consultation

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